Collagen, Your Best Defense Against Aging Skin

The body is always facing some type of abuse or degradation. This is a natural process of simply being alive, and maintaining adequate collagen levels in the ligaments, tendons and skin becomes a major contributing factor to that all important change in life- aging.

Ligaments and tendons are made of collagen.

The body produces it less and less as we age, so offsetting this discrepancy becomes important to people who are concerned with their appearance and mobility.

Individuals that can boost their levels of collagen and maintain healthy living habits will ultimately see the effects in their skin. Taking a  supplement is a wise choice .

A growing number of people use this supplement to keep their skin smoother and less wrinkled and their joints moving more freely.

The fact is that the molecules are too large to be properly absorbed by the skin. In simpler terms, collagen is wasted if used topically or applied directly to the skin.

Supplements and skincare products that promote production, as well as help retain more healthy levels allow it to be useful and not wasted on top of the skin.



Collagen Supplement Benefits

The body is an interlinking network of incredible complexity. A change in one area, such as blood flow, can have positive repercussions in a multitude of other bodily functions.

1. Healing of Injuries

It is a necessary component of restoring connective tissue and enhancing muscle quality, as well as the ligaments attaching bone to muscles.

This is an imperative component of sports where the muscle mass generates at a quicker pace. There are also suggestions that the supplements are a nice complement to muscle building techniques.

2. Arthritis Pain

Because it increases the capacity of mobility in fingers, shoulders, and other ligaments, it ultimately fights against settling arthritis.

Adding collagen to cartilage will promote additional cell growth, thus fighting against arthritis and muscle degradation.

3. Circulation Improvement

It is a major contributor to blood vessel health and longevity. This actually increases elasticity in the bloodstream, which promotes superior circulation.

This, in turn, enhances the quantity of nutrients that are absorbed as well as ‘how far they go’ in the body.

4. Anti-Aging

In regards to anti-aging, production levels are directly linked to wrinkle exposure in the face. It works by stiffening the dermis which holds the skin tighter to the skeletal system.

This reduces wrinkles from forming because the skin is held tighter to face muscles and tendons. Weakening production of collagen encourages the skin to loosen.

Wrinkles and lines occur where the skin is most likely to move (i.e the forehead, smile lines, and joints). Collagen takes this further by actually reducing blemishes and acne scars.

5. Hair Growth

It is one of the major components in hair. It fights off free radicals, which are akin to unmatched atom groups that are highly reactive and multiply contrary to what they are designed to do.

Free radicals are actually one of the leading causes of hair loss, next to genetics of course. Free radicals are atoms with mismatched electrons.

They multiply at a rapid pace, but because of this unique attribute they lack the substance of properly fitting atoms. In other words, they do harm not good. Collagen thickens the hair, which consequently makes these atoms less effective in their impact.

Just adding this supplement can have a lasting and domino-like impact on other parts of the body.


The best supplement pills are made from hydrolyzed peptides as they don’t gel in cold liquid. Peptides stimulate cells to produce more.

They are often included with Vitamin C and glucosamine to maximize the benefits.These are two of the leading options in joint and bone health, and are commonly prescribed for the elderly.

Twenty eight types have been discovered so far by research scientists, 90 percent of which is type 1. Type 1 is mainly found in skin, tendons, organs and bones.

Type II has a large impact on the strength of the actual tissue in holding together and remaining healthy.

Peptides have shown a direct effect on the overall healing process as well as reducing the potential for injury. This specifically ‘oversees’ the pressure applied to cartilage and joints.

These are both enhanced considerably through these peptides. They need to be taken orally on a consistent basic, yet are not usually considered full vitamin replacements.

Skin Creams

Collagen promoting skin cream is applied directly to the skin. It caters towards individuals that are looking for anti-aging benefits as opposed to the joint health considerations.

Users can have attractive skin in a short time when they apply skin cream at least three times a week.

It is also used to deter cellulite growth by placating fatty fibers from surfacing, though capsules are usually the preferred option for this benefit.

Collagen is incredibly powerful. It has attributes that enhance the body cosmetically as well as internally. No wonder it is one of the most powerful supplemental options on the market.

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