NAD+ (Nicotinamide Riboside), 5 Reasons You Need to Use It

Trying to slow down aging has been the goal of many researchers and medical professionals over the years. There have been numerous products on the market that claim to do this, when really most of them do not.

Dr. David Sinclair, a professor of Genetics at Harvard University and scientist, has found that a form of vitamin B3 (nicotinamide riboside) that not only slows aging, but it has been proven, through animal studies, that aging can be reversed by improving communication in our cells.

NiagenThis new anti-aging therapy, Niagen, could be called “the fountain of youth” because it is the first of its kind to tackle the complexity of aging. But how does it work?

It was originally thought that aging was the process of free radicals damaging our DNA; however, that has since been proven untrue. Aging is a complex process; however, Niagen is working to prove that aging can be slowed down and, eventually, reversed.

New research by Dr. Sinclair has shown that what really causes aging in our cells is communication between the mitochondria and the nucleus slows down. Once this unfortunate process is fixed, aging will be changed.

Initial live cell research for Niagen was conducted in mice; and when given this form of vitamin B3, 2-year-old mice resembled 6-month-old mice. This product is truly remarkable because for the first time ever, human aging could be reversed. Human trials have not yet taken place.

However, Dr. Sinclair hopes to begin human trials immediately because human-medical trials are the only way to determine for sure that this can reverse and, possibly, prevent aging in humans.

Dr. Sinclair and his colleagues published a paper that showed that once the metabolite was administered to mice, their mitochondria was “rejuvenated” and the nucleus re-established communication with the mitochondria.

Such a study in mice has proven to the equivalence of a 60-year-old human being reduced to a 20-year-old human. NAD+ is a ground-breaking discovery in the medical community and is radically changing how scientists view the human aging process. Despite the fact that Niagen is still in its trial stage, the results thus far are truly remarkable.

This is a safe and natural supplement for anti-aging and only requires one pill a day to be taken. It has just become available on the market. If you wish to re-establish your cellular health to that of a much younger person, then this is the supplement for you.

NAD+ is the new defense against aging, as it has been shown to slow and even reverse aging, unlike most other anti-aging supplements on the market. Aside from reversing aging, it has many other health benefits as well.

Nicotinamide riboside works by improving communication in the cells, which has a lot of benefits. With improving cellular health come improved metabolic function, healthier cells, improved aging, an improved cardiovascular system and neuron protection. If you are not yet convinced, consider these five following reasons to incorporate this supplement into your daily lifestyle.

1.Improved Cardiovascular System

NAD+ has been shown to not only improve cells in the cardiovascular system, but it has been shown to increase healthy cholesterol levels that are induced by a high-fat diet. The nicotinamide helps to not only improve cellular health, but it will help to keep your heart healthy as well. Many Niagen reviews show how well this product is working in the fight for a healthier body and a way to regress aging.

2. Healthier Aging Cells

The key behind why we age is hidden in the cells of our body. NAD+ helps to improve cellular function, which helps to slow down aging and even reverse it. NAD+ improves cellular communication between the mitochondria and the nucleus, unlike other anti-aging remedies.

3.Speeds up Metabolism

Another aspect of improving cellular health in the body is improving the body’s metabolism. It helps to speed up metabolism, which helps to reduce weight in the body. Niagen also supports high energy at the cellular level, which helps to improve cellular metabolism.

4.Protects Neuron Health

Neurons are the communication channels in the brain. NAD+ helps to keep the neurons healthy, which is another aspect of healthy aging. Keeping the neurons communicating well with each other may also me an answer to preventing different forms of dementia.

5.Slow Down Cellular Aging

Much like improving the health of the body’s cells, Niagen may well keep your cells younger. Trials have shown how well this product works because it works on a cellular level. NAD+ works to improve cellular communication, which prevents them from breaking down.

Overall, Niagen is the best new product for anti-aging because it works on a cellular level. If you wish to keep your body young and healthy, then this product is the answer. One of the fundamental reasons for aging has been proven through research, that when communication in our cells begins to break down, aging occurs. Niagen improves cellular communication, which will help to keep us young.

I’ve heard so many good things about this product, I’m going to do my own Niagen review. I just purchased a nine month supply, so wish me luck!

Niagen Review, nicotinamide riboside


Beginning: Took one capsule first thing this morning on an empty stomach at 5:00am. Had a burst of energy in the afternoon that was quite unexpected so soon. Cleaned out the garage and still going strong hours later. Not sure if this is the Niagen, a placebo effect, or just natural, but I’m looking forward  to this. Energy levels have been low lately.

Recommended daily dosage is one capsule. Each Niagen capsule contains 250 mg. I’ve read that some are doubling up on the daily dosage to 500 mg. I’ve not heard of any adverse effects from doubling the dosage but I’ll stick to the recommended daily amount for at least a month. If one capsule daily does not have the desired effects I’m seeking, I will try doubling the dosage also.

As a precaution not to skew the results from my trial, I’ve decided to stop taking the other supplements I take on a regular basis. I take a whole foods multi vitamin, l-arginine and COQ-10 most days to maintain vitamin and mineral levels, l-arginine for muscle tone and COQ-10 for gum health. So, I’ll do without these just to get the best results from my Niagen trial review.

Into my third day I have noticed deeper sleep because I’m dreaming a lot more. This is an indication of more REM (rapid eye movement), which is a very good thing!

Four days in and energy level has definitely improved. Really can feel the difference!

Week’s end: Very happy I’m taking the Niagen challenge!  I’ve seen an overall improvement in well being. Hard to believe, but my energy level has increased and my thinking is clearer. This seems to be a good product.

Week 2, Still sticking to one 250mg capsule a day. I take it first thing in the morning before breakfast. Niagen has increased my concentration and energy levels. I’m very impressed with the results so far.

Week 3, Into the holiday season so I’m a bit off my regular eating habits. Energy level has stayed high every day since starting this new therapy. I’m able to concentrate longer and am getting more work done. Besides being a blogger, I’m taking a course on selling my own private label products on Amazon. I spend long hours at the computer watching webinars and learning about picking products and outsourcing. I’ve noticed I’m not as tired from the long hours at my computer and still able to get great rest. This really seems to have invigorated me, love Niagen so far!

Week 4, Energy levels remain steady and I’m feeling good. I’ve noticed a change in my skin texture on my face. Hope this keeps up!

Month 2, Haven’t seen any drastic changes to my health or well being. My energy level remains high and I feel good. I wake up each morning recharged and looking forward to the day! I’m continuing on the one Niagen capsule a day. I’m going to alter the time I take the supplement to before supper time to see if I notice any difference.

Month 3, After doing more research on nicotinamide riboside, one of the good doctors doing these studies recommends taking 500mg of Niagen to see a visible difference. So, this means I’ve upped the dosage to 2 250mg tablets a day. I’m taking one in the morning with breakfast and one with my evening meal.

I’ve also added two more cellular regenerative products from Life Extension, AMPK Activator and PQQ Caps with Bio PQQ.

First, an explanation of AMPK: All cells within the human body contain an enzyme called andenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase Niagen, AMPK Activator and BIO PQQ(AMPK). It is the master regulating switch that manages youthful activity in our cells!

Studies have shown that increased AMPK activity can revitalize aging cells, promote mitochondrial production and limit damaging factors that come with aging. AMPK levels have been shown to drop drastically with age.

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) a coenzyme, protects mitochondria within our cells from oxidative decay. It is also able to stimulate growth of new mitochondria!1.17. Chowanadisai W, Bauerly KA, Tchaparian E, Wong A, Cortopassi GA, Rucker RB. Pyrroloquinoline quinone stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis through cAMP response element-binding protein phosphorylation and increased PGC-1alpha expression. J Biol Chem. 2010 Jan 1;285(1):142-52.


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